Cottage Data2Go

Interactive Tool to Map Human Need and Well-Being in Santa Barbara County

Access the tool here.

Cottage Data2Go is a free, interactive online mapping and data tool created by Cottage Health and Measure of America. Cottage Data2Go brings together federal, state, county, and community data on a broad range of social and health factors that reflect the well-being of Santa Barbara County residents. Data displayed within Cottage Data2Go helps users visualize the link between geographies and the specific needs of varying demographics, allowing users to see and interact with correlations across multiple variables. Nearly 200 indicators from diverse sources are included for the county’s 87 census tracts and 26 cities and census designated places.

Created to provide reliable, up-to-date information on community assets and challenges, Cottage Data2Go is designed as a resource to aid community members, leaders, businesses, government agencies, and community-based organizations in crafting effective solutions, developing policies and services, and advocating for change. In community work, data drives decision making, and Cottage Data2Go brings data together to help showcase successes and bring light to opportunities for promoting equity, especially among the most vulnerable in our community.

A snapshot of the CottageData2Go tool

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