Oscar Chavez

For the first time, we’re having courageous conversations about race at our County Office of Education, using A Portrait of Sonoma County as a background to talk about why schools are different and how to erase the institutional segregation we’ve created. The Portrait has become a very powerful tool to generate significant conversations and movement in erasing disparities. – Oscar Chavez, Assistant Director of Human Services, Sonoma County

Amartya Sen

We get in this report not only an evaluation of what the limitations of human development are in the United States, but also how the relative place of America has been slipping in comparison with other countries over recent years. The contrasts within…receive powerful investigation and exposure. – Amartya Sen, Harvard University, Nobel Laureate in Economics

Katie Penkoff

I help raise money to ensure that every girl everywhere with an interest in Girl Scouting within our jurisdiction can participate regardless of her ability to pay. The information found in these databases will help me make the case for investing in girls and young women in Arizona. – Katie Penkoff, Girl Scouts Arizona

Toni G. Atkins

This fact-based exploration of how children and their communities across California are doing is a must-read for policymakers, business leaders, philanthropists and anyone who cares about our future. I urge my colleagues, and everyone concerned with California’s future, to use A Portrait of California 2014–2015 to inform our work in the coming years. – Toni G. Atkins, Speaker of the California State Assembly

Omar Carrera

We’re moving from numbers to knowledge to wisdom. A Portrait of Marin took us to the next level. When governments take the Human Development Index as the most important indicator of performance, you begin to see results. – Omar Carrera, Associate Executive Director, Canal Alliance, Marin County

Preston Johnson

I use Measure of America’s data for personal use – I just like to discuss these things with friends. People are always making claims about this state or that state without any data to back up their statements. I like to have facts. – Staff Sergeant Preston Johnson, U.S. Air Force

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Bravo to the Measure of America team for another breakthrough volume. No other publication comes close to this one in documenting and explaining America’s disparate socioeconomic realities, especially the vast differences across regions and social groups. – Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Christopher Chavez

follow @MOA_org. they are a wonderful source of news about American development and synthesize like an 80s rock band! #moa #usa – Christopher Chavez, Co-Founder, Prime Produce

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