What People Are Saying

“We have been practically deluged with emails about the success of our event and the important role the Portrait of Marin report can have on addressing disparities in Marin. People have lots of ideas, questions about the data (of course), and palpable energy around engaging people in various sectors.

Our Trustees are extremely proud of how this moment reflects on the goals and mission of the Foundation. And the staff here is very engaged. Clearly, something is happening, and the thoroughness and clarity of your work are a big part of that.

This comes in part from the almost instantaneous use of—and discussions around—this report only two weeks after its release. Nonprofit boards, coalitions of nonprofits, and various commissions have asked for copies. And we already know that some organizations are using it, and data from it, in their fundraising efforts. Plus, we’ve heard that one bank is using it as the basis for considering further investments in Marin under the CRA.

It points out the power of this kind of report at a local level—which of course is a potential fit for community foundations. Even at this stage, I think we’d feel very comfortable being a voice for the value of this kind of report—both the data itself and the analysis—serving as a platform for moving the needle on the well-being of our local residents.

We are very pleased with how this came out and look forward to its being used to make a difference here in Marin. Congrats and thanks all around. A job exceptionally well done.”

Fred Silverman
VP, Marketing and Communications, Marin Community Foundation


“As a Trustee of the Marin Community Foundation, and as a native to the County of Marin, I cannot say enough about the tremendous impact the Portrait of Marin has created here. Almost daily I get insight to enlightened conversations and new opportunities that are influenced by the findings. Many agencies and community groups have put to service the report and are using it to create change. The Portrait of Marin provides understanding and direction in a time of uncertainties. Thank you Measure of America for your amazing expertise and an excellent report!”

Barbara Clifton Zarate 
Trustee, Marin Community Foundation 


“I will be using your data to prepare a feasibility study of a mobile farmer’s market to provide affordable, high quality locally-grown food to underserved neighborhoods in Marin County.”

Kathryn Studwell
Founder, Regional Development Strategies