What People Are Saying

We’re very impressed with your work and we are looking at it closely to see how we might do a better job of setting what we call the ‘performance context’ for banks to measure their lending to low-income areas.”

— David Erickson, PhD, Manager, Center for Community Development Investments,
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco


“We’re currently working with some of the United Ways offices to address some of the Human Development Index disparities listed in A Portrait of California. Having this breakdown affords us the ability to speak further on a local level. Thanks for your partnership and the great work you and your team are doing!” —

— Henry Gascon Manager, Program & Policy Development, United Ways of California


“Thanks to all of you at Measure of America.  This is such an excellent analysis of the people of California.  I’m certain it will initiate a great deal of discussion in my class.”

—  Denise Spooner, Professor of History at California State University, Fullerton,

and Co-editor of H-California