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June 20, 2024WBGO

Newark Highlights Workforce Development Initiatives With NLC and USDOL

June 3, 2024The Newark Times

New study has sobering findings about life for Newark youth

May 31, 2024WBGO

‘Literally life or death’: California kids are disappearing from school and the workforce. No one knows where they are

May 22, 2024San Fransico Chronicle

Recruiting ‘opportunity youth’ offers HR the chance to fill skills gaps

May 16, 2024HR Brew

Lessons from the Performance Partnership Pilots for Disconnected Youth

May 15, 2024New America

San Mar’s young adult housing project wins support of commissioners, Nora Roberts charity

May 13, 2024Aol

1 Of 5 Youth In Newark Aren’t Working Or Going To School: Study

May 10, 2024Patch Newark

Without School or Work, Some California Youth Are Left Disconnected from the Economy

May 8, 2024Public Policy Institute of California

Why so many Gen Zers are struggling to find a connection to work, school, and a sense of purpose

May 6, 2024Business Insider

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